Yes on S is supported by citizens who are passionate about ensuring all SPS students have access to safe and quality learning environments.

Becky Volz

Becky Volz Community Task Force & President Springfield Council of PTAs

The 25,000 students in our district deserve what we can offer them today as voting citizens in our community and that is our YES vote to secure, remodel and build new facilities for our future adult citizens. Let’s keep SPS learners strong, healthy, safe and excited about their education
David Hall

David Hall Community Task-Force Co-Chair, Retired SGF Fire Chief

Every student deserves a high-quality – and safe – learning environment. I’ve worked in emergency services my entire adult life. I’m also a parent. I understand what’s at stake. Proposition S increases safety and security for our students and staff across the entire district
Mike Brothers

Mike Brothers Community Task Force member and SPS parent

As the parent of kindergarten and pre-school age daughters, I know the importance of access to educational programs at a young age. I want to see early childhood education expanded in our community. Proposition S helps make that happen by vastly increasing the number of pre-k students we can serve in Springfield.

Dr. Tom Prater Friends of SPS Treasurer & Community Task Force Member

It’s critical that we invest in our schools in order to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy in Springfield. Our kids, and our community, deserve the highest quality educational facilities so that we do not suffer from a suburban ‘donut hole’ effect as the region grows

Bridget Dierks Community Task Force Co-Chair

I have made my home in Springfield, and my son will soon attend Springfield Public Schools. Ensuring all children receive quality Pre-K and are ready to enter kindergarten impacts us all and ensures our community thrives well into the future. I am delighted a #YESonS for Proposition S will significantly increase the number of children in preschool classrooms in our community.

Julie Leeth, Ed.D. Former Principal at Hillcrest High School, Glendale High School and Jarrett Middle School

Providing safe, secure, state of the art facilities for the students of Springfield R-12 seems obvious. Optimal learning environments are the responsibility of all community members and our students, teachers and staffs deserve community support to reach learning goals; the future of Springfield depends on it. I’ll be voting YES on S!

Logan Aguirre Friends of SPS Parent Advocate, 417 Magazine President

As a Springfield Public School parent, I entrust my children to SPS each day. I trust SPS to keep them safe and help them become 21st century learners. Proposition S is about peace of mind for increasing the safety of my children, their friends and teachers. As a citizen, it is my responsibility to ensure SPS has every resource they need to provide safer, stronger schools to carry out that mission. Please join me in voting #YESonS.

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