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Each day, 25,000 students attend classes in over 50 public school buildings across Springfield. As our community has grown, so has the number of students, teachers and buildings within SPS. Today a number of our facilities are below the standards we believe are acceptable as safe and quality learning environments for our kids.

Proposition S is a sensible plan developed by a 31-member local citizen task force to provide sustainable funding for our local public schools. It includes 39 high-priority projects such as secure entrances at 31 schools, expansion of early childhood education classrooms, six storm shelters, the reconstruction of four schools and extensive renovation of three others.

Addressing these urgent needs is why we are leading the effort to vote Yes on S.

We’re taking a grassroots approach to the #YESonS campaign. We want to meet you over coffee, at neighborhood events and PTA meetings. We want you to join the effort in your neighborhood and online. We firmly believe that if Springfield voters are informed about the needs – and about the solutions their fellow citizens have put forth – then they will support our students and teachers on April 2.

Proposition S is an investment that will benefit our kids and entire community for generations to come. The state of Missouri provides no direct funding for buildings and facilities, so local property taxes are the primary funding source schools can use for major capital improvements. It’s up to us to make sure our schools reflect the value we place on education in Springfield.

Co-Chairs: Marshall and Winter Kinne & Drs. Alina and Darren Lehnert

Treasurer: Dr. Thomas Prater

Who We Are

Friends of SPS is a grassroots citizen advocacy group that supports initiatives to keep Springfield Public Schools strong. We’re volunteers in Springfield, Missouri, who support local bonds and levies that benefit our SPS schools. We believe that investing in children is a community responsibility. Good schools sustain the social and economic health of our area. We all need them to thrive.

Friends of SPS has already garnered the support of many citizens who have already pledged to vote #YESonS, with the list growing everyday.

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A small investment from you will help achieve a long-term investment in our children's futures. Please consider making a contribution to ensure safe, strong public schools for the Springfield community.


Yes on S is supported by citizens who are passionate about ensuring all SPS students have access to safe and quality learning environments.